General Questions

1.  What is a Lesson Package?

A Lesson Package is a set amount of lessons based on your interest in exploring martial arts and/or fine arts.  We offer 6, 8, and 10 lesson packages.  At the end of your package, there is no obligation to continue.

2.  How does the Lesson Package work?

There are 3 basic decisions you need to make:  1)  Select a 6, 8, or 10 lesson package.  2)  Select all martial arts classes, all fine arts classes, or a combination of the two.  3)  Select the classes offered based on your available schedule and timeline.  Enjoy the classes until you have completed your package!

3.  Is there a discount if I opt for a Lesson Package?

No.  A discount is given when there are additional family members who enroll or increased class attendance.

4.  What is the benefit of a Lesson Package?
There are three main benefits: Flexibility - take all martial arts classes, all fine arts classes, or a combination of the two.  2)  More flexibility - attend classes based on your changing schedule, i.e. you can take two classes in one week, then one class the following week or two classes every other week, etc. 3)  Try something new - for yourself or someone else - with no obligation to continue.

5.  Where are you located?
We are located at 11833 Cedarbrook Place in Rancho Cucamonga.  We've opened our 400 square foot residential studio to our students with an eye towards future growth and a new location. 

1.  Do I need prior art experience to take Fine Arts Lessons?

No.  We will work with a wide range of students with a variety of experiences.  Our focus is on developing a strong foundation in fine arts so that you can explore other specialized art interests.

2.  What techniques are taught in class?
Students will learn the foundations of the creative process and elements of fine arts, including gestural sketching, contour drawing, shading, perspective, portraiture, and figure drawing using graphite, charcoal, and colored pastel.

3.  I have experience in art, do you offer classes for advanced students?

Yes.  Skills will be assessed during the class so that our Instructor can personalize lesson plans based on individual skill levels.  Advanced students will learn drawing and painting techniques using a wide variety of drawing materials and acrylic paint.

4.  Are there supplies needed for Fine Arts lessons?

Yes.  A sketch pad and basic drawing pencils are provided for each student.  Additional supplies will need to be purchased as classes continue.  A list of supplies will be shared during the first class.


5.  How long is my contract? 
We have Payment Agreements that cover one month at a time.  Otherwise, lessons are based on the Lesson Package selected.  We offer 6, 8, 10 lesson packages.

Frequently Asked Questions
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